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Traditional Lappish grillhouse, also known by its finnish name ”grillikota” is a unique and versatile option for your outdoor space. It’s a great place to enjoy barbecue, spend time with your friends and family or just relax by the fire in Nordic style. The grillhouse seats 15 people. The three lift-up sleeping benches turn your grillhouse also into a temporary guesthouse.

All Garden Grillhouse products are made of carefully selected slow-grown and dense Finnish pine. As we value well-finished products we pay great attention to detail in the production process. In addition, all the wood material used has been rounded and planed. The wall structures of the grillhouse are made of ten overlapping 45mm thick logs. Trough the heightened wall structures we have been able to add to the inside height of the grillhouse and ensure the ideal placement height for the windows making sure you don’t have to bend over to enjoy the surrounding views. Fully insulated complete floor enables you to set up the grillhouse on concrete bricks by which you can skip the cost of making a full concrete molding.

Our grillhouse is made for northern conditions: an insulated floor, double glazed windows, a large smoke extraction hood and a separate damper make sure that the warmth stays in even if the temperatures drop below zero. The standard equipment includes a package that will set you up for cooking. The central barbecue we use is an octagonal model M8 from Polar Metalli. We have chosen to use a round shaped smoke extraction hood as it guarantees the best result keeping your grillhouse smoke free. The smoke extraction pipes are adjustable so the hood can be installed to the preferred height. The package also includes eight removable wooden tables surrounding the central barbecue, a hinged gridiron and a cinder frame. The central barbecue is also available in bigger hexagonal shape M6.

If you wish to have your grillhouse with ready-made surface finishing, with more windows or similar kind of requests, please just ask. The buildings are made to order and we tailor the product to your need.

You can emphasize the spirit of Lapland by decorating your grillhouse with our accessory package including i.e. reindeer skins and handmade pieces of traditional Finnish furnishings. The accessory package includes also a start up kit for open fire cooking.

Basics of the Grillhouse

  • Floor area 9.5 m2 (also available in 16m2)
  • Hexagonal
  • Wall material 45 x 145 mm half round or flat log
  • Walls constructed of 10 logs
  • Insulated complete floor
  • Standard roof material black bitumen tiles (other color options available)
  • Door with double glazed window and a lock, height 170 cm
  • 5 benches around the walls of which 3 can be made into beds
  • 3 double glazed windows of which 2 are possible to open
  • The central barbecue, smoke extraction pipes and hood made of stainless steel

Delivery Contents

  • Wall and roof elements
  • Bitumen tiles on the roof
  • Insulated complete floor
  • Door with a double glazed window and a lock
  • 5 benches around the walls of which 3 can be made into beds
  • 3 double windows of which two are possible to open
  • A central barbecue, smoke extraction pipes with a separate damper and a hood of stainless steel


  • Enamelled grill grate
  • Iron griddle pan
  • Coffee pot
  • Barbecue set (grill fork, grill brush, tongs, bottle opener, apron and oven mitten)
  • 5 reindeer skins or handmade cushions for the seats
  • Set of schnapps glasses made of dead standing tree
  • 2 dead standing tree candelabrums
  • Wooden pot coaster
  • 6 wooden kuksa mugs
  • Wooden knife and fork set (6+6)
  • Guest book with dead standing tree covers
  • Thermometer
  • Wine bottle opener

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